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Welcome! We are Dua Marhalah.

A very honest, responsible & super flexible company that helps you in getting maximum exposure in the digital space

How? Interested to Know?
Malaysian Storyteller


Because that's what people wants. We create awesome content. Delivering high-value contents worth sharing.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Yes, we create the that branded content (or non-branded content) from scratch.

Content Curation

Content Curation

For a crème de la crème type. Not kind of viral for no reasons!

Niche Content

Extremely Niche

If you want news, you can go to news sites. But what about lifestyle portal, targeted mothers with kids?.

Brand-safe network

Brand-safe Network

Advertisers, have no worries about tarnishing your brand association with us. Agencies, we saved you!

Bahasa Melayu

In Bahasa Melayu

The untapped potential. With more than 60% population speaking the language, what can be wrong?

Laser Targeted Audience

Laser Targeted Audience

Research says, those who are female, married, 24-35 age, are decision makers. Tends to be they're our audience. Coincidence?.

Facebook Malaysia

Socially Engaged

Likes are nothing. Look how many Shares we got.

Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Up to your imagination, to explore every element that provides many creative ways in reaching your future and potential customers.

Been there, done that. Because we know how to do it!

Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. Our brands are the masterclass piece of work presented to the readers.
Million Pageviews / Month
Campaigns Executed
Hours of Writings
Days of Sleepless Nights

What We Do?

Are we just sitting in front of the computer, all day?
Content Ideation

Content Ideation

Creative block? Depression? We do the hard things for you!
Content Wizardry

Content Wizardry

Let us craft your content. Let us do the magic!
Content Planning

Content Planning

We plan & execute your campaign carefully. And let it grow!
Online Advertising Consultation


Wants to know strategic planning? So, you want to do it yourself? No problem. We'll show you the way.
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Our Brands

We build, maintain and operate all these portals from scratch


Acquired by REV Asia on 23 Dec 2016

Local parenting, kids & family portal

Anything relates to pregnancy, parenting, love-hate affairs of moms and children and family matters.

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Acquired by REV Asia on 23 Dec 2016

A recipe sharing site & for food lover.

The problem is not about not knowing how to cook. The real problem is what to cook tomorrow for the family? And we come to rescue you!

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Acquired by REV Asia on 23 Dec 2016

An aggregator for recipe for bloggers & recipe lovers.

There's too many bloggers publish their own recipes. Hence, it is fragmented. Some got exposure, some don't. So, we collect a bunch of their recipes and featured to get attention of the readers!

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Is Online Advertising Works?

Definitely! We can easily prove that it has higher ROI than other traditional channels.

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